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What is a multi-layered necklace?

Multi-layered necklaces have gripped the world of fashion. In particular, the use of such necklaces has increased, mainly due to the introduction of bling culture, the desire to stay up to date with modern jewelry trends, and the need to match outfits for a more presentable and fashionable style. Although wearing a single necklace is still okay and fashionable, Multi-layered necklaces have changed the entire style by allowing wearers to combine and match a variety of necklaces.

Today, you'll come across multi-layered necklaces with fashion bloggers, celebrity stylists, and other influencers. They prefer them due to their uniqueness and ability to build accessory closets that stand out from other styles. If you're a jewelry enthusiast but dislike chunky, statement jewelry, the next best choice is multi-layered contemporary necklaces.

Most people are interested in investing in these necklaces because of various reasons.

First, multi-layered necklaces add glam and a sense of style to any kind of outfit and are also easy to wear and lightweight.

Secondly, these necklaces are usually available in local and online jewelry stores meaning that one won't struggle trying to find them as in the case of some types of necklaces. Again, they're less costly, meaning you'll still afford them without too much financial pressure, even if you're on a budget.

Lastly, multi-layered necklaces are super cute and ideal for different occasions, including both casual and official events.

What is a multi-layered necklace?

multi layer necklace

A multi-layered necklace is a jewelry piece composed of several chains, strands of beads, or ribbons. Depending on the wearer, it's possible to purchase a single piece of multi-layered necklace or pick up some pieces of necklaces and combine them to create a unique sense of style. Multi-layered necklaces come in many styles.

The most common style of these necklaces has strands fastened together with similar clasps at their ends. The other types of multi-layered necklaces are separate necklaces that the wearer can combine and match to create a unique look depending on their outfit. In this case, you'll likely find people wearing three strands.

There's no limitation on the number of strands that one can wear. The choice will depend on personal taste. Multi-layered necklaces haven't been introduced in the market recently. They've existed in many cultures in the past. Multi-layered necklaces are made of different materials, including rose gold, sterling silver, and beads strings. They've got different textures depending on the strands and other materials used. Some multi-layered necklaces also feature pendants to produce a rich effect. They can be large or tiny and scattered.

Types of multi-layered necklaces

You'll find many types of multi-layered necklaces in the market today. Your choice will depend on your style and preference. There are many types of multi-layered necklaces in the market today, as follows:

1. The lock and heart

lock and heart necklace

The most common type of multi-layered necklace is the lock and heart. It's a three-layered chain characterized by a lock, heart, and Cuban link. This is a friendship necklace that's common among couples or engaged individuals. It symbolizes love that can't be easily broken due to the presence of a lock. Most of these necklaces are silver plated charms that lovers can gift each other for special occasions such as valentine's day or when surprising each other. Apart from love, these necklaces also show support for one another.

2. Collar necklaces

collar necklace

This necklace sits on the neck skin slightly above the collarbone. In the past, collar was a general term describing all necklaces. However, this has changed over time where it describes necklaces that lie flat instead of hanging free. Most collar necklaces tend to be thick, just like shirt collars. Some people still confuse them with choker necklaces, although they're completely different from each other. Collar necklaces measure 12''-16''.

3. Coin necklaces

coin necklace
If you've been thinking about getting a stylish multi-layered necklace, you should probably consider getting the coin necklace. This multi-layered necklace has been increasing in popularity in recent years due to the personal touch it adds to one's outfit and affordability. In the past, coin necklaces were worn to bring good fortune or luck. Coin multi-layered necklaces come in varied types and are made of gold or silver. They're also versatile, meaning that they're ideal for nearly all occasions.

4. Choker necklaces

chokar necklace

These multi-layered necklaces have been in existence for many decades. Their popularity has been varying from time to time, which is why they've been in and out of the world of fashion. These multi-layered necklaces are slightly longer compared to their counterparts’ collar necklaces. They sit slightly below the collarbone, leaving space to showcase the neckline, thus creating a sensual look. Traditionally, these multi-layered necklaces were considered fashionable and were made of different materials. Jewelry enthusiasts today add pendants, stones, or bars to get the most of the choker multi-layered necklaces. The best part about these necklaces is that wearers can easily layer them with anything. Choker multi-layered necklaces have lengths varying between 14''-16''.

The best outfit to wear with multi-layered necklaces

Most multi-layered necklaces are suitable for a wide range of occasions. People who want to wear these fashionable pieces of jewelry should ensure that they complement their outfits and other jewelry. Generally, they shouldn't work against your outfit. Wearers can avoid these by selecting the best multi-layered necklaces.

First, it's important to consider the type of neckline in your blouse or top. If your blouse or top has an open collar, choosing choker or collar multi-layered necklaces is the best solution to emphasize your neckline. During the winter season, most people will wear turtleneck sweaters to ensure their necks are covered. In this case, one can choose multi-layered necklaces with any chain length to accentuate different accessories. People who like wearing casual outfits should keep in mind the neckline length by ensuring it's shown off. Generally, people should consider lengths, style, and colors when wearing multi-layered necklaces.

Things to consider when wearing a multi-layered necklace

There are 3 main things to consider when wearing a multi-layered necklace, as explained below:

a. Spacing

This is probably the first consideration if you've decided to wear a multi-layered necklace. The spacing of this fashionable jewelry will partially depend on your neckline and outfit. Additionally, it can also depend on the look that the wearer wants. They'll create a good look if they're close together, especially when combined with other simple necklaces. The only downside is that they can sometimes look clunky, especially if many complex necklaces are layered together. On the other hand, if they're spaced out, they'll create a classy and sophisticated look. Too much spacing can also create a little bland look.

b. Outfit

People wear varied outfits for different reasons and occasions. It's therefore essential to consider the style and color of the outfit you're wearing to make the right choice of multi-layered necklace to wear. Some outfit colors can clash with the necklaces, thus destroying one's look. If you want to wear a bold-colored outfit, consider selecting multi-layered necklaces made of silver alone. On the other hand, if you're muted outfit fan, you can consider getting necklaces with mixed and matched styles and materials.

c. Materials and textures

This is more of a personal choice, although it helps the wearer create a fashionable style. Some jewelry enthusiasts believe in unified materials and textures, whereas others believe in contrasting materials. Therefore, it's a personal choice for the wearer, depending on what style they need. Contrasting materials and textures give a unique look to the wearer and are ideal for plain outfits. Necklaces in this category also help avoid tangling because they've got varied weights and textures. On the other hand, unified materials and textures also give a cohesive look to the wearer. Multi-layered necklaces that fall under this category are more sophisticated and look classier.

How to prevent tangling in multi-layered necklaces

Some people get frustrated with wearing multi-layered necklaces due to the issue of tangling. However, it's easy to master the skill of ensuring your necklaces don't tangle through several ways. First, you should combine different lengths of necklaces to create a cascade effect. With the cascade effect, it's easier for every necklace to stand alone such that one can independently recognize the collection.

If your favorite necklaces have similar lengths, this shouldn't be a problem since you can utilize a chain extender. When you combine different lengths, be sure you'll minimize the chances of the chains tangling each other. Secondly, you can combine varied necklace shapes ranging from vertical or horizontal bars to disc and lariat-shaped pieces.

When combining the shapes, it's essential to determine the landing location of each piece on your body to avoid creating a mixed look. Ensure there's a pattern of how the shapes appear on your body. Lastly, you should combine different styles of necklaces with varied thicknesses. You can select mix and match styled necklaces to reduce tangling.

In conclusion, multi-layered necklaces are increasingly trending among jewelry enthusiasts. These necklaces have varied prices depending on the quality, style, and material used.

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