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What to pay attention to when buying a gold necklace?


Most people prefer necklaces made of gold more than other materials like platinum and silver. This is because gold holds its value over time and doesn't get out of fashion.

People invest in gold necklaces for various occasions such as anniversaries, festivals, weddings, birthdays, and other unofficial occasions. Gold necklaces are versatile and add beauty to the wearer's personal style. Some people buy gold necklaces to signify prosperity and wealth.

A recent survey shows that most stylish jewelry enthusiasts prefer to invest in gold necklaces more than other necklaces due to their elegant, versatile and fashionable nature.

Even though gold jewelry is expensive, it's also durable, customizable, and can last longer. The price of gold necklaces will vary depending on factors like the jewelry seller, weight, karat, etc. Some people have been facing difficulties when buying gold necklaces.


Below are some top things to pay attention to when buying a gold necklace:


  1. Gold quality

 Before buying a gold necklace, you'll want to ensure its quality isn't compromised. Quality plays a significant role in such expensive jewelry. Therefore, you must ascertain that the necklace is made of pure gold. You can determine its gold quality through the following ways:


  • Check the hallmark

The hallmark shows whether the gold necklace is authentic or not. A real golden necklace will have a small stamp indicating the gold purity and origin of the necklace.


  • Use a magnet

testing gold with magnet

Gold isn't attracted to magnets. Therefore, if you bring a magnet closer to your gold necklace and see some signs of attraction, it means the necklace doesn't have real gold. In fact, it has a high composition of other metals.


  • Check for letter marks

If you come across letters like GF (gold filled), GEP (gold electroplate), or GP (gold plated) on a gold necklace, it means the necklace doesn't have real gold.


  • Acid test

You can use various acids, including hydrochloric, sulphuric, and nitric acids, to test the quality of gold necklaces. Put a single drop of any of the acids named above and see if there'll be a reaction or not. Real gold won't support any reaction.


  1. Style

 Gold necklaces come in different styles, which can make the right choice a bit complex. To choose the right style of gold necklace, you should consider your outfit and lifestyle. The most popular gold necklace styles are:


  • Curb link necklaces

These are among the top-rated gold necklace styles with interlocking designs. There are both necklaces for men and women. Some are thinner, whereas others are thicker.


  • Figaro necklaces

They're almost similar to curb gold necklaces. The only difference is in their link patterns. They're elegant and versatile, meaning they do well with all kinds of outfits.


  • Rope necklaces

These necklaces have been popular since the 1980s among hip-hop musicians. They create a unique effect and luster among wearers. They're also versatile and produce a great look when paired with pendants.


  • Franco necklaces

These necklaces have great patterns that look like firmly woven V-shaped chevron links.


  • Cable necklaces

They're among the gold necklace with the simplest styles. They're also among the cheapest styles.


  • Cuban link necklaces

These necklaces feature twisted, signature flat, and interlocking links. They're among the most expensive gold necklace styles, popular among rappers and other celebrities.


  1. Karat weight

 Before buying a gold necklace, paying attention to its karat weight or purity is essential. Typically, the necklaces made of pure gold tend to be less durable due to their softness. Therefore, you should consider buying a necklace that has some composition of other metals if you want something durable.

Jewelry enthusiasts looking for gold necklaces for regular use should avoid 20K and 22K necklaces since they can easily get scratches. Again, 10K or 14K gold necklaces are less pure and highly rigid due to the high composition of alloys.

Allergic people should also avoid necklaces with lower gold purity since they've got high nickel levels. Experts recommend 18K or 22K gold necklaces since their gold purity and durability are evenly balanced.


  1. Color

 Gold necklaces have varied colors. Remember, not all necklaces contain 100% gold. Some have some composition of other metals, which brings color variations. The color you choose will depend on your personal taste and preference. Below are some top colors to choose from:


  • Yellow gold necklaces

These are the most common gold necklaces. Typically, when people hear of gold, yellow is the first color that comes into their minds. It's essential for buyers to know that there's still a huge risk when it comes to buying yellow gold necklaces since there are also imitations that look exactly like gold. You need to beware of manufacturers who intentionally plate jewelry with fake yellow gold-like materials.


  • Rose gold necklaces

Rose gold necklaces have become fashionable jewelry among stylish and wealthy people. They usually have a pinkish blush that results from the copper composition added to the gold.


  • White gold necklaces

Such necklaces are similar to brighter silver versions. White gold necklaces are also popular, although some people can't tell if they're really made of gold. It has some composition of white metals such as nickel, palladium, and manganese.


  • Green gold necklaces

These necklaces are among the rarest varieties. They contain a mixture of gold and silver. Green gold necklaces match green stones such as peridot and emerald. These necklaces are mainly produced in labs, making them extremely expensive and rare.


  1. Length

 It's essential to consider the length of the gold necklace you buy, although it's still possible to customize it. The necklace's length will have an impact on your general appearance. If you choose a 16-inch gold necklace, it'll rest closer to your blouse or top neckline.

On the other hand, an 18-inch gold necklace will sit on your collarbone. If you're confused about how to go about selecting the right length, you can consider the following aspects:


- Short necklaces

 They're universal and can work well with any outfit, including official and casual outfits.


- Long necklaces

 They're ideal for charms and pendants. Long necklaces work well for casual outfits, especially those with v-necklines.


- Mid-length necklaces

 These are simple necklaces ideal for outfits like tee shirts.


  1. Clasp

 A good gold necklace should have a reliable clasp. Different gold necklaces have varied clasps. Most people tend to overlook this aspect when purchasing gold necklaces.

The main role of these clasps is to keep gold necklaces secure. They can also be easily replaced when damaged. The most common notable clasps are lobster clasps, classic hook clasps, and ring-shaped clasps.

Ring-shaped clasps have spring-loaded mechanisms. Lobster clasps are the ideal and expensive options that most people go for since they don't open unexpectedly, meaning that your necklace is always secure from falling off.


  1. Chain link type

 The type of chain link in a gold necklace will determine its ease of bending and likelihood of breaking. Most flat chains, including herringbone and omega chains, tend to twist easily. Others, like round snake chains, are problematic and hard to repair when damaged. Experts recommend wheat and box chains due to their flexibility and sturdiness.


  1. Seller

 You can get gold necklaces in both physical and online jewelry stores. Most people prefer buying jewelry from online jewelry stores since it's convenient, cheaper, and easier to compare prices. Due to the increasing number of online scams, it's essential to ensure that you make your purchase at legitimate online jewelry stores.

Before you buy a gold necklace, research intensively about the jewelry store to ascertain that they're doing the business legally. You can ask for the relevant registration certification and ask as many questions as possible. It's also important to check customer reviews to see what their previous clients say about their jewelry products.


  1. Price

 Prices of gold necklaces vary significantly depending on the seller. Some jewelry stores will charge more than others. Therefore, the kind of necklace you purchase will depend on your budget. After setting your budget, you can easily narrow down or filter search options to make getting a standard gold necklace easier. This will save you a lot of time, especially if you're buying from an online store. Some price filter options that'll help you narrow your search include metal, weight, width, and gender.

The necklace style will also have an effect on the price. If you want to get affordable gold necklaces, you must ensure that you don't fall into the trap of scammers promising to offer affordable jewelry. However, this doesn't mean that there are no genuine sellers.

You can get affordable gold necklaces by choosing solid over hollow gold necklaces. Solid gold necklaces are more durable than their counterparts’ hollow gold necklaces, which makes them last longer and reduces repair expenses. You can also find great deals if you extensively search for gold necklaces on sale.


  1. Necklace type

 There are three major types of gold necklaces i.e., solid, hollow, and gold plated necklaces. Experts recommend solid gold necklaces since they're durable and will last longer than the other types. Their color also remains intact regardless of how much you wear the necklace. The least durable and affordable necklace types are the plated gold necklaces. Their color wears out easily, exposing the material used. Hollow gold necklaces are also cheaper and prone to denting. The worst part about them is that their repair is almost impossible.


In conclusion, these are some top things to pay attention to when buying a gold necklace. You can also consider the necklace's smoothness for comfort purposes and to reduce skin irritation.


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