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What does the stamp on a gold necklace mean?

A stamp is a piece of metal that has been engraved with an insignia. The most common type on a gold necklace is the 14k stamp. This tells us the purity, the amount of gold in the jewelry, and how much gold out of 24 parts total metal (24k).

 The stamp can also give information about whether it is manufactured or not, where it was made, and by whom. Many people are looking to save time and money when purchasing their jewelry pieces, and this can be achieved by buying pieces without stamps; however, they may not last as long as a stamped piece would.

 The piece's purity can be judged by the number of karats (or 24k) stamped on the piece of jewelry. By increasing the purity, it is possible to increase the metal's strength and durability. For example, an 18k piece will be stronger than a 14k piece because it is less pure and therefore has more other metal.

 A stamp will also show you if a piece of gold jewelry has been manufactured correctly in size and weight. This way, you can tell if a slight change has happened to your gold necklace over time, such as your gold necklace becoming longer or shorter due to wear and tear or simply cleaning it.


 Where do I find a stamp on my gold necklace?

gold stamp

 -There are three central locations where you will find a stamp in your gold jewelry:

  • First, check the stamped part of your clasp to see if it has any stamps at all;
  • Second, look at the inside of your clasp where it joins to your chain;
  • Thirdly, look around where the chain leads to.


What do I look for on my stamp?

 -Although the ultimate goal is to identify the origin of your piece of jewelry, it is essential to realize that many people wear their gold jewelry in different ways, so you may need to get creative and try different angles.

 -The first thing you will be looking for is the "B" in "P." The "P" stands for purity. There will likely be a number following this, followed by a letter. Lower purity means more gold content, more metal overall, and a better quality piece of jewelry. In addition, if you are looking at a 14k stamped piece of jewelry, chances are that this stamp will only have two karats (2K).

 -Next, you will want to look for the country of origin and manufacturer. These will generally be under the B in P stamp and depend heavily on where your gold necklace is manufactured. For example, Italy's stamp looks like "925 ITALY" with a crown above this. England looks like "925 ENGLAND". In addition to this, you may also find a name or initials here.


How do I know if I should buy gold jewelry with stamps?

 -Stamps are used to assess the purity of a piece of gold jewelry. The higher the number of karats in your jewelry (24k), the purer it will be and, therefore, more durable.

 -Purity depends on the number of karats (or 24k) stamped on your piece of gold jewelry. The lower the purity, the lower the amount of gold there, and the weaker it will become over time as more non-gold parts are added.

 -An 18k piece is purer because less other metal is added and therefore withstands more wear and tear compared to a 14k, which has more metal overall due to many different metals added, creating a thicker piece of jewelry. This can also depend on where the gold necklace was made and what country or location it was.


Why do I care about the stamps on my gold necklace?

 -The stamps on your gold necklace are essential because they tell you the quality of your jewelry. A lower purity will result in a piece of jewelry that ages more and wears faster, which may not be what you're looking for. Furthermore, a stamp can tell if a piece of jewelry has been manufactured correctly of size and weight. This way, you can tell if a slight change has happened to your golden piece over time, such as your gold necklace becoming longer or shorter due to wear and tear or simply cleaning it.


What are the most common gold chains found in stores?

 -The most common gold chains you will find in stores will be 18k gold chains. These are commonly used as a necklace and can range from lengths ranging from 18", 20", 22" to 24". 100% pure solid gold is expensive, so chains with less than 100% pure solid gold tend to cost less. Often these gold chains have yellow or rose-colored clasps, and the thickness ranges from 1.2" to 3".


How Can I get the Highest Quality Gold Chain?

 -Quality chain is tough to find. The chain that I received was not even close to the quality of what is in my gold chain. Also, the clasp included with my chain was not gold, and it was made of silver metal. I think they just put on their own or a cheap clasp and call it gold. I want my money back or a new chain with a quality clasp. I feel robbed because they took advantage of me by adding a cheap clasp with silver metal to my valuable necklace worth more than $179.00.

 -Gold Chains are trendy in the world because they are considered to be status symbols. In many cases, gold chains are only used for special occasions. Gold chains are generally made of 18k gold, 14k gold, or even 10k gold or less. They come in all sizes and shapes, such as round, squarish and oval. Their weights can vary from very light to heavy depending on the karat amount of gold inside the chain. Many designs have been created with gold chains; some of them include diamonds, pearls, crosses, and other various jewels, which make the necklace more expensive.


 What is a yellow gold chain?

 -A yellow gold chain is a gold necklace that has been designed to be yellow. Yellow gold or karat is an alloy of gold and other metals, while white gold is made up of nickel, silver, zinc, and palladium. Both of these types of chains are very popular among individuals who desire to own some jewelry made out of precious metal.


What can happen if you wear an 18K/14K or 24K Chain?

 -In most cases, these types of chains are supposed to be worn occasionally around your neck so that you do not put stress on them during the day. If you wear your gold chain every day, it could get too heavy for you and cause damage to your neck. This may cause a loss of hearing, and in some cases, it could even affect the health of the bones in your neck. If you still want an 18K/14K or 24K chain, make sure you only wear it on special occasions and not every day with all kinds of clothing.


Can I make my jewelry to be plated?

 .-As long as the jewelry is inexpensive, you can take them to either place listed above to be plated by hand. If you are looking to remove gold from your jewelry, you can take it to some machines that will perform the process for you. You have to make sure that the gold or silver jewelry has not been in contact with any other chemicals or foods besides what came in a package with it. If the jewelry is only small and lightweight, maybe you can ask your jeweler to carefully place it into the machine with a pair of tweezers so that they do not contaminate any other parts.


How do I obtain an excellent-looking necklace?

 -Quality vs. Price is the best rule of thumb when designing and purchasing your necklace. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to choose a rose gold chain of 18k gold. This type of chain has many fancy diamonds, but they are not diamonds because they have been coated and enhanced with 18k gold to look like the real thing. For the Price of one solid 18k gold piece, you get two 14k pieces—and in most cases even more than two—depending on what type of chains you purchase.



 Gold chains come in all styles, shapes, and different types of gold. There are also colored chains that you can wear to spice up or make your outfit unique. With all the different designs available today, you can find the perfect gold chain to fit any occasion or type of clothing you like to wear regularly. It is always a good idea to wear a 14k gold chain if you plan on wearing it daily because it will be much cheaper than an 18k or 24k gold chain.

 If you plan on wearing your chain as a fashion accessory and don't wear it often, then go with a more expensive gold chain.

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