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What is the difference between a bangle and a bracelet?

Over the centuries, women have been the chief customers for various magnificent jewels that complement their glamorous look. Bracelets and bangles are among the oldest pieces of jewelry that women stack around their wrists for fashion or cultural purposes. However, the two have been mistaken to mean the same since they are worn around the wrist. 

The bangles are ancient wristlets that trace their origin in India, from the word bungri. Despite all these charming jewels being ring-shaped, various differences range from design, color, or materials used in the manufacturing process. 

How is a bangle different from a bracelet?

What is the difference between a bangle and a bracelet? This question has taken several people with great mayhem since they believe the two words can be synonymously used. However, there is a vast contrast between a bracelet and a bangle that most people haven't recognized. 



A bangle is a piece of rigid metallic jewelry designed circularly- without an opening like most bracelets. They have existed for over 10 centuries, with the Indians most associated with these adorable jewels. Shells, bronze, thin tree limbs, or grass residues were some essential materials for designing custom bangles. 

This was the best fashion accessory that women not only wore for fashion to various events but also for cultural demands. Technological advancements have improved the value of the recent bangles since they have been adorned with valuable gemstones. 



You will never spot a woman without a shiny diamond or gold wristlet that makes them unique among their fellows. Bracelet is a piece of flexible jewelry made from multiple materials or metals of high value like gold or silver. The debut of the bracelet resulted from the word brachialle, which means amulet. Thus most individuals wear these luxurious jewels on their wrists, believing they are good luck charms.

There is a vast dissimilarity between a bangle and a bracelet which centers on their flexibility.

The bangle is rigid and lacks the clasp/closure that enables the bracelet to fit the wrist of any individual. Some bracelets have a hook to help in connecting both ends. Unlike the purely feminine bangles, bracelets are considered fit for every gender to add to their exquisite wardrobes. 

What should I choose?

which bracelet should i use

 Every fashion enthusiast would wish to be the most noticed with a shiny, expensive wristlet or jewel. Unlike earrings or wedding rings, bracelets and bangles may hassle you when deciding what will give your forearm an exotic look. Choosing a perfect wristlet jewel depends on gender, general outfit, and personality.

 Bangles are the best for stacking as they will give a glowing color as they form a sensual layer along your forearm. This would be most appropriate for whom love subtle looks. Bangles are of various designs ranging from circular to C-shape, thus suits any individual. Most individuals prefer the c-shape bangle because of its flexibility (it fits small and large wrists) and versatility.

 Bracelet is the best indicator of an individual's personality as it gives the ancient stylish look that some still admire. From the thin to wider cuff bracelets, these charm jewels provide a glamorous look with casual and official wear. The shiny diamond chains adorned with the bracelets make it inevitable to go unnoticed in any crowd. Additionally, the chains make it easy to match your bracelet to other fashion accessories like rings or necklaces.

 The bangles are more feminine; thus, men should consider complementing their fashion or creating nostalgia with the bracelets that suit their desire—however, it's imperative to consider your outfit before going out with any of the jewels. The best choice of your fashion accessory should be in harmony with the apparel. 

What precious metal should I choose?

 Most of the jewels have been made more attractive with precious metals like gold, diamond, or silver, which makes it more confusing as to which you should choose. Whether you choose a bangle or a bracelet, your choice should be versatile and able to meet your desire.

 The diamond jewels are the most charming wristlets one should consider since they are encrusted with white to grey stones complimenting any dressing. The diamond bangles will be the best fashion wear for your white-collar meetings or any event.

 Unlike the diamond jewels that offer a subtle decor with a charming outfit, the gold bracelets or bangles are relevant for celebrations or dinner parties. The glowing outcome of most of the gold jewels makes your wrist exotic. Most of the bracelets possess a gold purity stamp which often determines the value of your jewel. 

What are the different types of bangles?


 There is a variety of bangle types which are classified based on the bangle structure, style, and metals used in the manufacturing process:

 1.Solid cylinder bangles- the structure of this bangle is compared to that of a cylinder and incessantly covers an induvidual's wrist.

2.Cuff bangles- this is a modern opulent bangle that is more sophisticated than the traditional cylinder bangles.

3.Spring bangles- this would be the best bangle when looking for something more comfortable around your wrist since it can fit virtually every forearm because of its open and closure feature.

4.Plain bangles- it has been the best choice for those individuals who are not attracted to multiple-color bangles—however, it's still an excellent deal for complementing your outfit.

5.Interlocked bangles- this bangle is almost similar to plain bangles despite the minor difference in style. More than 2 bangles are interweaved to form a single set of Magnificient wrist jewels that gives a modern chic look.

 Additional classification is based on the metals used in the bangles, which might ultimately dictate their prices. Gold, silver, and platinum are valuable stones that artisans have turned into adorable jewels worth $5 or more. Diamond or copper also blends the gold bangle to give it an immaculate finish. Silver and platinum bangles are cheaper compared to those embellished with gold. 

What are the various types of bracelets?

evil eye bracelet

 a.Charm bracelet

Most fashion gurus appeal for matching your apparel to bracelets or other fashion accessories. The charm bracelet is the best choice for those who love a matching outlook.

b.Cuff bracelet

With a single roll along the wrist, your cuff bracelet is set to give you a realistic outlook that will leave everyone complimenting your elegancy. Cuff bracelets come in various designs ranging from thin to wider cuff bracelets that cover most of the wrist.

c.Wrap bracelet

A wrap bracelet is an adorable wristlet for those who love garnering bracelets on their hand. With the clasp, you can wrap the bracelet more than 4 times to compliment your fashion. Most of the time, they help us recall the long-gone memories of those who gifted them to us.

d.Slider bracelet

This is the best familial bracelet that fits children and adults with a single slide, unlike the bangles that are fixed to an approximated diameter. The slider makes you custom the bracelet at any time to fit your wrist and could be the easiest wristlet to wear.

e.Tennis bracelet

This historic bracelet is embellished with gold or diamond to give an exquisite look for any occasion. Most fashion enthusiasts love the diamond tennis bracelet due to its shiny appearance.

f.Pearl bracelet

This exquisite bracelet provides a stunning old look when stacked or worn alone. Its made from pearl oyster, which makes it durable and natural. The multiple colors make it more adorable to improve your glow. 

g.Beaded bracelet

Beaded bracelets are the best for stacking as they form a uniform layer along your hand. It comes in different designs and colors, thus excellent for any occasion for a chic look. Additionally, their prices are affordable to any bead connoisseur as they can be self-made.

h.Chain link bracelet

Chain link bracelets polish your look to that of a charming princess, with the different chain sizes and shape to choose from. They provide a long-lasting, stylish look on any costume. 

What should I consider when buying a bangle or bracelet?

Adding any of these charming jewels to your exquisite wardrobe or jewelry store is the best idea to improve your natural beauty with a single fit. 


The reason for buying a jewel should be a priority consideration before adding any into your budget. Are you gifting someone for their wedding? Most individuals love receiving glowing gifts decorated with gold or diamond. However, it's necessary to realize their taste. The medical alert bracelets should be noticeable from a distance to access necessary help. 


The various types of bracelets or bangles above should save you the stress of browsing what’s best for you. An elegant wristlet jewel should match your apparel and skin ton to make you more stylish. 

3.Right fit

Fashion compliments should bring out your beauty and not stress you by adjusting them from time to time. The right fit is a vital consideration before choosing any bangle or bracelet. Select a snug jewel that would fit adequately along your wrist. 


An excellent wristlet should not hassle you, considering the type, size, fit, and metals embellished in the bracelets or bangles. Consider the flexibility and versatility before settling for either bangle or bracelet.

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